You'll be ROTFL after eating this!

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What do you do after getting high from eating NASI GANJA? You laugh it all out at FUNNY MOUNTAIN of course! You'll be laughing out loud once you see a rabbit pushing a wheel barrow full of soy beans too.


Funny Mountain is just a stone throw away from Kedai Kopi Yong Suan. Its not really a restaurant but more of a small shop by the roadside. Again, the saying of WISE MAN MOK applies here as well.

There will always be a long queue to get to the counter. It gets really crowded during the weekends. What's amazing about this place you can queue up in the comforts of your own car. That's right, way before any McDonald's Drive Thru was introduced in Malaysia, Funny Mountain had their own drive thru. I was a loyal customer since I was a little boy and I ALWAYS bought the Tau Fu Fa and soy bean drinks from inside the car. However, the service can be a tad slow as there will only be ONE person who will take the order, serve the drinks and be the cashier. You will be better off queuing up manually (turun kereta). Funny Mountain opens daily from 10.30 a.m. until habis. They usually close on Tuesdays (when I asked the taukeh, he said everyday also open).

They only sell Tau Fu Fa, soy bean drink, lengkong and soya campur lengkong. The main attraction though is the CREAMY Tau Fu Fa. It still the best Tau Fu Fa I have ever tasted. It is creamy and has just the nice texture. It doesn't break apart so easily. The air gula is also just nice. There is no brown sugar option here though..but I'm sure most people will be just as happy with the regular air gula. The soy bean drink is so - so only la. The taste is not consistent. It can sometimes be tasteless (tawar) due to the melted ice, especially on a hot day. Meanwhile, lengkong or grass jelly is biasa only. Nothing so special.
No mask here!
A glass of soya bean

Price wise it is still very affordable. Price has been increased since the beginning of 2015 though. For minum or 'dine in' a bowl of Tau Fu Fa or a glass of drink is RM 1.20 (RM 0.80 in 2012). For take away, a container of Tau Fu Fa and a small bottle of drink is RM 2. A large bottle of drink is RM  

Makan Place: 7 out of 10 - they started drive thru service before it was cool!
The Food: 7 out of 10 - ONLY for the Tau Fu Fa. The rest biasa je.
Berbaloi baloi: 7 out 10 - I brought a friend from Sabah here once. Dia masih terngiang ngiang bah.


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