Taiping Food (short) Escapade

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If you have SIX hours to spend in Taiping, what would you do? Well, as a MAKAN DOCTOR, eating is my favorite past time. During the recent mid week holiday (Awal Muharram), I hopped into my car and drove all the way to Taiping. The first half of the day was spent bring my kids to Zoo Taiping; a very nice place to spend with the family. Tickets were priced at RM 17 for adults and RM 8.50 for children between 3 - 12 years old. It was time well spent. My kids can't stop talking about it and I have been a make believe tiger and elephant at home for the past few days.

A pair of romantic Tapirs

Let's get to the food. What's for lunch?


Who in their right mind would come to Taiping and miss out on the famous mee udang. Port Weld (or Kuala Sepetang) isn't exactly in Taiping. It's roughly 18 km away or around 30 minutes drive from Taiping town. The notably famous mee udang are Mee Udang Mak Teh and Mee Udang Mak Jah. However, their taste and quality has deteriorated over the years, especially since being featured on TV3's Jalan Jalan Cari Makan. 

Located in the town of Port Weld is Salleh Stall. It serves Mee Udang served with the freshest batch of prawns around. I wouldn't call it a restaurant though, it is more of a shack. It might be a little difficult to find this stall though. An easiest way is to just follow the only road around until you reach a dead end. If your car masuk sungai, then most likely dah terlepas jalan. 

The cheapest plate of Mee Udang is RM 8 for an udang biasa. RM 15 for udang special (slightly bigger) and RM 20 for super special (Tiger prawns).

Mee Udang Special
The prawn is super sweet due to its freshness. The kuah is OK only. You can still taste the sweetness of the prawn broth but I have tasted better. The mee doesn't blend well with kuah. Tak berapa mesra. But this is all because I HAVE tasted the best. The best WAS Mee Udang Mak Jah.  The ones that are made now, just doesn't taste the same. However, this still tastes good, especially to those who have never tasted the original Mee Udang Mak Jah. 

One thing I really like about this place is the ambiance. You can't see the kuala directly but you can feel the sea breeze and smell the sea. It's rather relaxing for me.

So, kenyang perut suka hati? No, still got time to find food. After stopping by to get my kids a bicycle each at the Kedai Basikal Depan Hospital, there is still room for more food.

*This kedai basikal sells bicycles at quite reasonable prices. Highly recommended. I got my first 'proper' mountain bike here years back.


I'm not sure if it was already famous before this or I am the reason that this place is famous. Hihihi :)
The cendol here is really nice (at least in my opinion). There is another place called Bismillah Cendol, nearer to the hospital. But I find that it is a bit too kelat. If you want a little more kapur in your cendol, do pay them a visit. 

There are a few branches of Ansari Cendol in Taiping alone, not far from each other. Go to any of their outlets and you'll get the same stuff. They sell rojak as well but I find it biasa only.



Now this is NOT all that Taiping has to offer. I didn't get the chance to get to these other great treats in Taiping:
1. Yong Tau Foo belakang Bomba
2. Popiah food court larut
3. Nasi Lemak Bukit Doraemon
4. Chicken Chop Kamalodge

*some of you with a keen eye might have seen me leave out Dolly....tak sedap sangat pun

I will be back Taiping. With an empty stomach to fulfill. I'LL BE BACK!

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