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I always wondered how a steak at Me'nate (the highly hyped up steak house in KL) tastes like. It's been a few months now and no one has  belanja me makan at Me'nate. Nak bayar sendiri, dah pokai.

So, I did the next best thing. Make my own steak. 
I happened to watch a video clip of Chef Gordon Ramsey (of Hell's Kitchen fame) preparing a medium done steak and was duly surprised at how easy it was. It only took 10 minutes to prepare this DELICIOUS meal. However, time taken to thaw the steak to room temperature took a few hours.

1. A medium sized steak. I'm not familiar with the different parts of a cow, but people say tenderloin is the best.
2. Salt
3. Pepper
4. Cooking oil
5. Vegetable of your choice - capsicum, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower etc.
6. Garlic
7. Butter

1. Thaw the steak up to room temperature. Don't use the microwave, just leave it outside to thaw slowly. It's very important that the inside of the steak does not remain cold as it will effect the even distribution of heat. Dab it dry with paper towels.

2. Rub a generous amount of salt and pepper to the steak. Ensure all surface is covered. There's no need to marinate, just prepare it immediately before cooking.

2. Heat up the pan and drizzle some oil. At high heat, pan sear the steak. Turn the steak every few minutes. Cook it up according to your taste. I prefer the steak to be medium done. I want to retain the juiciness of the steak. If you want it well done, cook it a bit longer, but the juiciness will be all gone.

3. After the steak is slightly done (according to you preference), add a few knobs of butter into the pan with a few cloves of garlic. No need to chop it if malas. Hentak saja dengan tangan. Braise or siram the meat with the melted butter as much as possible. Ensure all the surface is braised. This is what makes it exceptionally tasty and also incredibly FATTENING!

4. Take the steak out and let it rest. Don't makan yet! With the same melted butter, add on all those chop vegetables prepared earlier. Braise them all in that delicious butter for 2 minutes. Don't cook it too long to retain the flavor.

Man Eat Steak is SERVED! Time to dig in.

You can also use the same recipe and method to cook up a Budget Seafood Platter.

Apa lagi? Cuba lah! 
If sedap, sila komen. If not nice, please PM.

The Makan Doctor

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