No Service Charge Roasted Chicken

4:30 PM

Have you guys read Orkid's Kitchen? It's a blog about a chef doctor (or is it Dr Chef?). He's a doctor and he makes great food at home! Maybe next year's Masterchef Malaysia will be a medical doctor.

After reading his blog, I took up a challenge to show my jantan-ness. If he can do it so can I! However, this guy knows his herbs and all, while I can't even differentiate between a serai and pandan. So, based on Orkid's Kitchen's Lemon Roasted Chicken, I tried out a version which is based on campur ikut belasah. I present to you:

NO SERVICE CHARGE ROASTED CHICKEN (most of the stuff got GST wor!)

1. A medium sized chicken (slightly less than 1.5 kg) - RM 10+
2. Lemon - roughly 90 sen each
3. Some garlic (already have some in stock)
4. Herbs - mint, thyme, basil, oregano, black pepper etc.
5. Yogurt - slightly more than RM 2

Marinate Chicken

First up; marinate the chicken. Ideally overnight. As I said earlier, I campur ikut belasah je. I found some thyme, basil, paprika, oregano and black pepper at home. Mix them all together with a dash of salt and some cloves of garlic. Make sure all the herbs are spread generously through out the chicken. Don't leave any places untouched. Then put the chicken in a zip lock bag and leave it overnight in the fridge.

Let's Cook

Boil some (peeled) potatoes AND lemon for 12 minutes. Yes, boil the lemon together. After that, drain all that water out. Take the lemon and stab it a few times with a for or small knife. The juices will come out and will be a bit messy.

Then, take the lemon and some more herbs and stuff it inside the chicken cavity.

When setting up the oven, remember this sequence:

200 C > 20 minutes > 2 times

Heat up the oven to 200 C for a minutes or so and you're good to go. After 20 minutes it already smells great. Now, surround the chicken with potatoes in the tray. Drizzle a generous amount of herbs and olive oil and put it back inside for another 20 minutes.

The Sauce

Ketchup, chilly sauce or BBQ sauce is so mainstream. I never knew it can be so easy until I gave it a try. All you need are a cup of yogurt, mint and lemon juice (half a lemon). Just mix all those together until secukup rasa.

In 40 minutes, siap semua! If can finish one whole chicken, can last until sahur tau! Thank you Orkid's Kitchen for the inspiration :)

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