Get HIGH in Ipoh

8:18 AM

Psst....wanna get HIGH legally? (whisper tone).

I know where you can get se-pam. Lai lai come to Ipoh and I show you where to get your kick. I'll take you to a place called Kedai Nasi Ganja. Don't bother looking for a signboard to nasi ganja though. You have to find RUMAH TUMPANGAN dan Kedai Kopi Yong Suan first. Once you arrive here, you will be greeted by a long queue. As a wise man once said:

No line clear here!


Kedai Kopi Yong Suan is located in the center of Ipoh. I tried searching Google Maps for Nasi Ganja but nothing turned up. Try searching for Yong Suan and Google will take you there.

Having lunch at the kedai itself is an experience in itself. The shop is inside one of those old shop houses. It can get VERY cramped inside during peak hours, like inside tin sardin. Very hot and humid. 

Inside Yong Suan
Overall, I don't think this will be a nice place to hang out. You have to eat really quickly (if you happen to be the considerate type) because there will always be people looking out for a table to sit. It can also be very noisy. Not really a great place to have a chit chat or do business.


The main attraction of Nasi Ganja is the rice and chicken cooked red (ayam masak merah). They still prepare the rice in a belanga instead of any Panasonic rice cooker. The real GANJA is in the chicken. It just taste and smell great. Forget about finger licking good, after eating this you will SEE YOUR FINGERS LICKING ITSELF....if you get too high la. The whole package won't be complete without a dollop of their sambal and telur masin. 

See there? NO CAWANGAN!

You can choose other lauk as well
The price is a bit pricey though (for Ipoh standards). A meal consisting of rice, 'chicken cooked red', sambal and telur masin cost RM 5.30 (before GST price). How much would YOU pay for real ganja? This might be the next best thing!

Tar pau only la coz its so hot there

The Makan place: 4 out of 10 - not so nice place to chill and eat in
The Food: 7 out of 10 - sorry Penang people, I still think this is better than Line Clear
Berbaloi baloi: 5 out of 10 - a tad expensive but the portion is BIG

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